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I am a software product development specialist with 15 years of experience. Computer Engineer by education and profession I have been involved in design and development of various software products and have keen interest in the study of human behaviour within the context of software design and development, software engineering processes and human response to products of the new economy. I also have keen interest in the study of stock markets and how human behaviour and emotions impact the movement of markets and how the movement of markets in turn influence the human behaviour.


1. David Kaplan - July 14, 2010

I understand that you have successfully connected the mini2440 in Linux by WPA2-PSK with DCHP. would you be so kind as to share with me the scripts you used to do so? I need to create a reliable WIFI connection that reconnects when down. I did not understand how you do that on the mini2440 since the network file hierarchy is a little different from what i am used too.

Anybody using a DHCP client on mini2440 to connect to a wifi router
with WPA-PSK.
I have been able to set up wpa_supplicant with static IP but now I
want to get to
DHCP but not able to move quickly. If anybody already tried their
hands on it, please
provide pointers, which dhcp client to use and setup scripts etc?


Pankaj Chawla - July 22, 2011

Sorry for the late reply but yes I did make wpa work on mini. You can mail me directly to take it offline.

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